Australian Made Campaign Limited

Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) is the not-for-profit organisation which administers the Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo (‘the Logo’). Ownership of the Logo was transferred to AMCL from the Australian Federal Government in 2002. The Logo is a country of origin symbol which signifies that a product is made or grown in Australia. It is recognised by 98% of Australians, and trusted by 89%. It is a valuable marketing tool for business and allows consumers to make an informed purchase decision.





The Logo is a registered Certification Trademark in Australia (TM no. 451318), meaning that there is a strict set of rules governing its use and any product carrying the Logo has been reviewed and approved by AMCL. Products carrying the Logo which have not been licensed or which do not meet the compliance criteria have the potential to damage the integrity and reputation of the Logo and those products which are licensed to use it legally. AMCL takes misuse of the Logo very seriously, and is required to investigate under our Code of Practice.

The Logo can be used with a number of different descriptors (the words underneath the symbol), including Australian Made, Australian Grown, Product of Australia, and Australian Seafood. More information on the criteria for each descriptor and how to become a licensee can be found at

It is AMCL’s practice to seek the removal of any listings where a product is carrying the Logo without a licence, the Logo has been altered in any way (including changing or removing of descriptors), items such as stickers of our Logo are being retailed or any other situation in which the Logo has been misused.

As a first step, AMCL will contact the seller via eBay message (our eBay username is australianmadecampaignlimited) to make them aware of the requirements for using the Logo and to give them an opportunity to respond or to change their listing. If a seller fails to respond with appropriate action, we will use the VeRO program to remove a listing which infringes our Intellectual Property rights.

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that any use of the Logo in their listings is appropriate. Please contact AMCL if you are unsure whether you can use the Logo prior to adding it to your listing.

Contact: or phone 1800 350 520.