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Official copyright NOTICE: Roth Company an Ohio corporation, legally holds multiple copyrights on the following software packages sold on eBay: Boat Speed and Prop, Propeller Calculator Software - All rights reserved. Floppy Clone, Floppy Cloner Diskette Duplication Software - All rights reserved. MovieBase Software - All rights reserved. SimpleBase Software - All rights reserved. Currently these software packages are available exclusively by direct shipment from Roth Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. There are no retail outlets or dealerships. Software listed here on eBay may only be done so from bainstaller. Any re-sale of used Roth Company software MUST be the original media and only be sold by the REGISTERED owner as on file with Roth Company during the time of listing. Purchasers and subsequent purchasers must agree to the license agreement accompanied with the software and register with Roth Company before any further sale. Any questions or concerns regarding copyright or VeRO program will be promptly answered. Do not hesitate to contact us.