Bally Pinball Fun

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  We at
BallyPinballFun create and design
100% unique items for your Addams
Family Pinball Machine.  A
unique design shop for authentic,
original and well designed items
specifically created for pinball

We design
and develop all our own ideas.

combination of items  which we
use are developed by us to enhance
pinball machines. Our exclusively
designed items are the intellectual
property of BallyPinballFun. 

We are the
only and exclusive authorized
distributor of these items.

Bally Pinball
Fun is very serious about enforcing
its trademarks, copyrights and other
intellectual property rights and
policing against the unauthorized
distribution of its accessories and
other proprietary materials. Bally
Pinball Fun representatives
regularly monitor the Internet,
including auction sites. As part of
this effort, Bally Pinball Fun
representatives will notify eBay of
auctions which infringe upon its
intellectual property rights or
involve the sale of unauthorized
products, and eBay will take actions
in accordance with its user

We can tell you from experience that
having your ideas and efforts
"kidnapped" and sold by someone who
did nothing more than take your work
and exploit it is not a good
feeling.  Please, have some respect
for yourself by respecting our
rights as well as the rights
of others. 




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