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Over 25 years ago Rare Sportsfilms began with the belief that fans would love to see vintage sports action if it could be provided on high-quality video! But, until we entered the baseball video marketplace in 1985, no one had ever spent the money necessary to actually restore old sports films back to their original new condition before transferring them to videotape. The common thought was, "People will accept poor color, dirt and scratches because they know tapes are made from old films - they don't expect them to look good". We knew better even then and now our thousands of customers know better as well! What makes our DVD's so different? To begin with, we master using only Digital Betacam tape that, although it is very expensive, gives a superior image on the screen. We work with highly skilled colorists at one of the finest and most respected postproduction studios in the country. We use a state-of-the-art half-million dollar machine, the da Vinci Renaissance 8:8:8 Color Corrector coupled with an Ursa Gold Telecine, a combination recognized in the industry as the ultimate in new technology for transferring archival 16mm film images to Digital videotape and now DVD! We also go to the considerable expense to individually correct and restore every scene in each film! Our finished DVD's showing action of 25 to 60 years ago appear as though you are watching live television! Our DVD's are made from the original 16mm prints, and are reproduced exactly as they appeared, with the original narration, soundtrack and titles. This of course adds to the nostalgia of the piece and makes our product unique in today's sports video marketplace, where nowadays most everything is modernized, retitled and re-narrated. The extra expense and care in workmanship sets our product apart and truly makes the sports heroes of yesteryear come alive! NOTE: All DVDs produced and sold by Rare Sportsfilms are copyrighted under Title 17 of United States Code, sections 501 and 506, and may not be copied, duplicated, reproduced or transmitted in any form. "Rare Sportsfilms" and the Rare Sportsfilms logos are registered trademarks of Rare Sportsfilms, Inc. Videotapes and DVDs purchased from Rare Sportfilms in the past can be resold as a genuine Rare Sportsfilms product, but must be listed as previously viewed genuine Rare Sportsfilms Products. WARNING: The unauthorized listing on eBay or sale of bootleg DVDs copied from our creations may result in criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation against you or your company. Rare Sportsfilms Inc. is well known to be aggressive in protecting our rights vs copyright infringers and bootleggers! This not only preserves our legal rights under copyright law, but also keeps our unique brand strong in the marketplace, protecting our customers and upholding the value of their previous purchases. You may CALL US at 630-527-8890 any time if you have any questions about listing a sports DVD item on eBay.


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