Founded in Geneva in 1830, Baume & Mercier timepieces have forever garnered international recognition for their technique, expertise and aesthetic design. The 12-sided Riviera watch, launched in 1973, has become a great international classic thanks to its novelty and strongly identifiable design concept. This legendary watch was reborn in 2004 with a restyled contemporary design. In 1987, Baume & Mercier created the Linea model, an incarnation of femininity and audacity. 1994 saw the birth of the brand flagship Hampton model, a watch that expresses the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The Hampton watches have in fact given birth to a real dynasty, with the Hampton Milleis (1999), Hampton Spirit (2002) and Hampton City (2003) models soon following. The launch of the Catwalk in 1997 was also an instant success amongst watch-lovers. With a view to appealing to sporty consumers, Baume & Mercier created the Capeland, an elegant sports watch, in 1998. The success of Baume & Mercier, its name and its Greek letter Phi symbol, adopted in 1964 (please see, have made Baume & Mercier a much admired brand in the watch industry.

Baume & Mercier is proud of its products and is committed to preserving its tradition of style, quality and craftsmanship. To this end, Baume & Mercier has sold and will continue to sell all its products through a network of boutiques and selected distributors and retailers. In addition, Baume & Mercier has taken and will continue to take a very stringent attitude vis-a-vis those third parties who have infringed its intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyright and registered designs, and/or have dealt with counterfeit Baume & Mercier products, both online and offline. Baume & Mercier has filed numerous lawsuits worldwide and worked closely with different law enforcement agencies to protect its intellectual property rights. These measures are not only necessary to protect the integrity of Baume & Mercier but, equally importantly, to protect the interests of consumers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why was my auction shut down?

A. If your auction has been shut down pursuant to our request, it is because you have infringed the intellectual property rights of Baume & Mercier. This may have been because:

-the item offered is counterfeit.
Please refer to the eBay Replica and Counterfeit Items page at for a more detailed explanation. Baume & Mercier has a zero-tolerance policy in respect of the sale of counterfeit products and in addition to the removal of your auction, repeat sellers of counterfeit products bearing the Baume & Mercier mark may also face legal proceedings initiated on behalf of Baume & Mercier; and/or

-the item has infringed the registered design and/or copyright of the products of Baume & Mercier.
Due to the number of registered designs and copyright we have, it is impossible for us to set out all their details and include all the relevant images; and/or

-you have misused one or more trademarks of Baume & Mercier, such as the following:


Phi Symbol









You can get a broader idea of the designs and trademarks owned by Baume & Mercier by visiting its website at

Q. Can I make any reference to Baume & Mercier and/or use the registered trademarks of Baume & Mercier if I am not selling products belonging to Baume & Mercier, especially when I clearly say that the products are from other brands?

A. No. Many eBay sellers use the name of Baume & Mercier and/or its trademarks in their auctions simply to get attention from consumers who are looking for authentic items from Baume & Mercier. Any such use is therefore misleading. The use of the registered trademark is only permissible under law by the registered owner of the mark, its authorised entities and/or in relation to goods launched by the aforesaid entities under that mark.

Q. Why did Baume & Mercier not contact me directly before requesting that eBay shut down my auction(s)?

A. Given the number of Baume & Mercier items on eBay, it is not possible for Baume & Mercier to contact each seller individually before requesting that eBay shut down the auction.

If you have any further questions after reviewing the above, you may contact us at If however you request information that is already available on this About Me page, you will not receive a response. Due to the volume of emails received, it may take us a couple of weeks to process your request. We ask that you kindly bear with us in the meantime.