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Benchmade manufactures knives for a loyal and ever growing following of knife users. As we move forward, we are poised for even more exciting opportunities, innovations and ongoing total world-class quality. Here at Benchmade we employ a simple philosophy- "Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen,... make it Benchmade."

Expect more. Our edged tools combine innovation, high technology and a hand-crafted finish.

The 3 M’s set Benchmade apart.

Materials: Premium blade steels and strong, durable handle materials are built to last.

Mechanisms: Patented locking mechanisms like our AXIS® lock provide reliability and enhanced function.

Manufacturing: Ultra-modern laser cutters and CNC machining centers offer the precision and control usually reserved for the aerospace industry.

We stand behind our products and craftsmanship. All Benchmade products are covered by our limited lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service.

Please be aware...

There are many counterfeit Benchmade products on eBay right now. We've discovered replicas of our Models 910, 635, 930, 2500, 3300, 32, and 42 to name a few examples. Additionally, there are many products, such as our knives, which have our logo on the blade and/or handle, and may even appear to have a legitimate Benchmade product package, but the design may not match one of our production models. We've discovered everything from exact replicas, to just the use of an unauthorized patented part or design, like the AXIS Lock(tm) for example.

Buying your Benchmade knife from an Authorized dealer will ensure you get the full value for your investment. Authorized Benchmade dealers can guarantee your knife is original.

We host a "Benchmade Knife Company" forum where you can review information by us and customers/enthusiasts regarding Fakes/Copies/Counterfeits.

Benchmade Knife Company values your feedback and welcomes questions and comments. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!

Dealers: We require that you put your Benchmade Dealer name in your auction's for Benchmade product, so we can easily identify you as an authorized dealer.

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N.A.W. - "Did you know it's illegal to sell counterfeit products"