Hi!  Welcome to BLITZBURGH SPORTS, the only place on the internet where you can find new authentic Blitzburgh apparel.

 For those that don’t know…

"Blitzburgh" is a nickname for the city of Pittsburgh, used mostly in the context of American football.  The name references the 3-4 zone-blitz scheme created by longtime Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, which the team has used since LeBeau first became defensive coordinator in 1992.  The name is considered a badge of honor by fans of the team.”   -- Wikipedia.org



Why would anyone want Blitzburgh apparel?

There are many reasons… here are two...

First, people with a connection to Pittsburgh instantly recognize the term and wearing Blitzburgh clothing highlights their connection to the extended Pittsburgh community.  This is meaningful because a) Pittsburgh citizens have a strong sense of pride and b) there are numerous citizens that have moved to other locales but maintain a love for their city.  Second, the term Blitzburgh is a badge of honor for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are a tough, blue collar football team. The team is known for it's punishing, unrelenting style of play.  The term Blitzburgh embodies this style.




We organized BLITZBURGH SPORTS to give the people of Pittsburgh and Steelers fans a way to demonstrate, through their clothing, their love for their city and team.  To be honest, we’d be called just “Blitzburgh” but there are so many Blitzburgh fans the eBay ID was already taken.




In addition to giving the people of Pittsburgh and Steelers fans a way to demonstrate their love for their city we, strive to:

  • Keep this important part of Pittsburgh culture alive and healthy.
  • Use Blitzburgh clothing as a means to maintain unity for current and former Pittsburgh citizens.
  • Provide high quality apparel at prices that allow the highest number of citizens and fans to participate.
  • Offer top notch customer service by being responsive and listening.




With the intent of accomplishing the things mentioned above, we trademarked the term Blitzburgh in early 2007.  We have been selling Blitzburgh apparel ever since.  In 2007, we first attempted selling our trademarked apparel on eBay but found it difficult to complete with the large clothing distributors selling pirated Blitzburgh clothing.  Truthfully, we ended up spending the bulk of our time enforcing our trademark rights.  Ultimately, we decided it wasn't the right time for eBay and we pulled our products.

Now, starting in 2009, we are going to try selling on eBay again (the primary reason our feedback rating is so low).  We are hopeful that we can now compete better with the large distributors and that eBay will help us enforce our trademark rights.  That said, we are realistic and know that there will always be pirated apparel.  We just ask customers to consider our apparel first since each sale will make us more competitive and allows us to accomplish our mission.   Visit the BLITZBURGH SPORTS eBay Store.


Special note to customers:  Blitzburgh Sports is not affiliated with the National Football League or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Special note to pirates:  We ask you to not sell Blitzburgh clothing because it undermines our goals.  If you want to sell Blitzburgh apparel we have an active partnership program with attractive royalty rates.  Please contact us if you’d like more information.