Bonnies Plants

  I am a VERO (Verified Rights Owner) member. My web site is all parts of my web site are covered under copy right laws and my written work (including text words and phrases) and images (photos) may not be used on ebay. This also includes salinity tolerance rates (or quotes from it) for pond, aquatic plants that I was given credit for in many publications back in 2000 and many other published articles in trade and hobby magazines since 1999.

If you are looking for permission to re-print articles and photos from my website, please use the form on my web site for permission.  Under no circumstances can any of the information be used on ebay.

Hubby Rich and I  each have 40 years of commercial growing experience of most land plants and all pond, aquatic plants. We are not back yard ponders  who pull plants out of their pond and ship them - that will spread disease and parasite.  My plants are grown in commercial greenhouses run by hubby and myself.

I do have 15,000 gallon pond that houses my personal koi - my breeders

I love plants that are different and unique so if there is something you are looking for, drop me an email!

I would like to remind you we are professional growers, fully licensed and inspected by the state of North Carolina.  We are not a back yard ponder who is pulling plants out of our pond, hoping to make a few bucks and shipping them.  And trust me, there are many who are doing just that.  Before you buy from ANYONE ask for the license number.  This is for your safety and the health of your pond and your fish.  Plants from untreated sources can carry parasites and or bacteria into your pond!  Not only that, if they are not licensed, they are breaking the law because it IS illegal to ship plant in state and out of state unless you are licensed and inspected! 

Many airports have dogs to sniff out plants and the Department of Agriculture can open any box that they suspect contains plants. And they can and do confiscate plants that have not been inspected. Will your seller stand behind and refund confiscated plants? This is why in some listings I say "can not be shipped to the following states"

The business part of me. I have done all aspects of landscaping for over 30 years now-every thing from professional landscape design, installation and maintenance. Even laid sod in my younger days!

Having a pond just kind of naturally went along with landscaping and actually it complimented it! Some time in the 80's, don't recall the year, we built our first pond.


If you stroll through my website and read my feedback you will see that I am extremely dedicated to helping others. I truly believe a happy, well educated customer is a return customer. If you have been in the hobby for awhile read this page Addiction on my web site. I get about a 100 emails a week saying it is the funniest folks have ever read. And if you are new to ponds and koi, read it anyway because you will know what you will be like once you have been bitten by the "bug"

By buying your pond plants from me you know you are getting the very best possible.

We grow the biggest selection of pond plants you will ever want to see.

The personal part of me

I am married to my best friend Rich and we have been married almost 40 years. We have 2 daughters and one grandchild, a 13-year old named Jassie.

Hubby Rich and I owned a retail nursery-garden center-pond store in Michigan for 13 years. We sold the business in January of 2000 and moved to North Carolina for the warmer climate. We moved a greenhouse, all my koi, all of our pond plant stock and our 2 rottenwiellers (I call them that because of the spoiled rotten brats that they were) here with us.

Sadly both rotties passed away in the summer of 2004, a few months apart from each other with cancer. Anyway, I had just planned to putter in the greenhouse and maybe hybridize some water lilies.

All of our plants are grown in our 96' commercial greenhouses right here on our property. The greenhouses also house my years of tropical plant collection I have had for 30 some years