In response to the numerous email inquiries we have received regarding alleged new Browning antennas being offered for sale on Ebay, all we are at liberty to tell you at this time is that those are NOT Browning Laboratories, Inc. products. There is absolutely no association between the seller(s) and this company. Browning Laboratories, Inc. has not manufactured or marketed mobile or base antennas since the late 1950's/early 1960's. BUYERS BEWARE

Any and all items you may find listed at Ebay using the alleged trademark 'Golden Eagle' are in no way associated with Browning Laboratories, Inc.  Those items are of questionable quality and the information contained therein may or may not be accurate.


Be very cautious when buying Browning equipment on this online auction website. Misrepresented items are a constant problem. You wouldn't believe some of the email horror stories we receive regarding Browning items purchased via eBay. By all means, there are many flawless transactions and honest, reliable sellers, but it does pay to be careful. How can you prevent becoming the next victim? Here are some of our suggestions:

1 - Read the item descriptions carefully!

2 - Always look at the pictures - even with a magnifying glass. If the photos are fuzzy or you would like additional photos don't be afraid to ask the seller to provide them.

3 - If you have a friend or associate you trust, ask them to look at the listing and offer their opinion.

4 - Ask any questions you wish. If the seller is not able or willing to provide additional information, you may want to just move on.  There are times when the listing seller truly is not at all familiar with this type of equipment - properly worded questions can often help.

5 - Always look at the feedback. It's FAR from always being an accurate barometer, but can be an 'indication' of a seller's performance.

6 - Shop around and compare. Look at other listings (both active and closed). Browse other online sources for other comparisons.

7 - We have seen numerous non-authentic and certainly non-original Browning items listed at eBay, including countless commercial and home-brew 'noise toys', unauthorized (pirated) Browning t-shirts, caps, manuals, unauthorized equipment, etc. The ONLY place for authentic Browning collectibles such as t-shirts, caps, etc. is here at Browning Laboratories, Inc. We vigorously oppose pirated or infringing items and do report them to eBay and law-enforcement authorities.

8 - Browning Laboratories, Inc. no longer sells items at Ebay.



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Browning Laboratories, Inc. is back in business in Oklahoma as a historical preservation, networking, parts & equipment source and information resource! You're invited to visit our website where you can see all the different items we have in our collection. We have added a HISTORY section to the site, where you can see an overview history of Browning Laboratories and the many different product lines they offered over the years! While you're visiting please sign the Browning Guestbook and see how we operate! Browning equipment has always been the standard by which all others are judged. The reputation and quality workmanship of Browning gear has never been matched. Browning equipment, as well as Browning owners/operators, stand head & shoulders above the crowd! We're very proud to carry this distinguished name into the new millenium and look forward to hearing from you! Click on our name to visit our website or use the link included in 'Favorite Links' below:





Our website was prominently featured in the November, 2002 issue of Popular Communications!  Our sincere thanks to On-the-Go Editor Alan Dixon and PopComm!


Browning Laboratories, Inc. is a member of the eBay Verified Rights Program. We do report infringing auction items, which can and will result in action(s) being taken by eBay. Reported infringements include, but are not limited to: unauthorized use of our copyright website text and/or images, unauthorized equipment and any replications of our retail items. We take all copyright and trademark infringements very seriously.


Modifications are something we often hear or are asked about. Our policy and standard practice is that we do not provide illegal modification information. We believe classic equipment should be maintained in as near-original condition as possible. We do approve of modifications that were offered by Browning, such as the receiver upgrade for early-production Golden Eagle Mark III base radios. And of course, a Browning simply must have that familiar and famous 'ping'!


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