Bruce Lee Enterprises


Registered as the successor-in-interest with the office of the Secretary of State of California, Bruce Lee Enterprises (“BLE”) is owned and operated by members of the Lee family.

Bruce Lee Enterprises' Licensing Division is tasked with the responsibility of preserving and perpetuating the life and legacy of Bruce Lee. We accomplish this by establishing partnerships with organizations offering products and services consistent with the desired branding and positioning of Bruce & Brandon Lee.

Please visit for more information about Bruce Lee and to purchase authentic Bruce Lee products. Please contact if you are interested in licensing opportunities with Bruce and/or Brandon Lee.


Even though we take actions to establish, register and protect our intellectual property (i.e., trademark, copyright, etc.), we cannot assure you that others will not infringe upon our intellectual property rights. We vigorously protect our trademarks and other intellectual property rights against counterfeiting and/or infringement. There are numerous potentially counterfeit and/or infringing Bruce Lee items for sale on eBay. The manufacture, distribution and/or sale of such counterfeit merchandise is strictly prohibited by law and carries stiff criminal penalties.

BLE is a member of the eBay VERO Program and provides this page to educate eBay users about auctions that infringe the intellectual property rights of BLE. Bruce Lee Enterprises works diligently to protect its reputation for providing the highest quality products and to protect its customers from merchandise that is inferior to genuine Bruce Lee products. BLE must therefore vigorously protect against the on-line distribution of counterfeit/infringing goods. BLE cooperates fully with law enforcement officials to stop any violation of its intellectual property rights and will take all steps necessary to protect such rights.