Davidson Photography

Davidson Photography provides photos of sporting events to media outlets. On rare occasion, we will offer something for sale on eBay. This so rare, however, this it has not yet occured. Unfortunately, many of my photos find their way to eBay anyway. Most of them illegally.


Most of my time spent on eBay is tracking down those that are selling my photos without my permission. Quite often, these pictures are of current NCAA athletes. Selling these pictures is not only illegal, but violates NCAA regulations. These violations could potentially cause problems for the athlete and the school, and cost me my credentials.

Bottom line, don't sell pictures of mine, anywhere, without my permission. Also: don't sell pictures of current NCAA athletes, ever.


If you have a question as to whether a certain photo is copyrighted by me, you can find most of my photos, in a filterable databse (easy to find individual players) at the included link.

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