This page serves to confirm the ownership of all intellectual property rights in the brand known as Bwthynbach or Bwthynbach latex moulds.

All Designs, Imagery, Text, Leaflets or Instruction Booklets/Leaflets relating to the brand Bwthynbach is the intellectual property of Denise and John Roberts and is protected by copyright Law.

Any unauthorised use of designs, artwork, text, imagery, or Instructions relating to the brand that is in its auctions, stores, or websites is a breach of the intellectual property rights held in the brand and will be dealt with in accordance with UK law.

Bwthynbach works diligently to protect our reputation for providing the quality products and to protect consumers from duplicitous sellers who offer fake or unauthorised merchandise that are inferior to our genuine merchandise.

Bwthynbach works closely with law enforcement, customs and investigative agencies to protect its intellectual property rights.

eBay is committed to helping protect the intellectual property rights of rights owners and to providing their users with a safe and enjoyable place to trade.

For this reason eBay has created the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Programme. Bwthynbach, which is a member of the VeRO Programme, is able to report and have listings removed that infringe its rights. 


Copyright protection:

Under present copyright law (effective Jan. 1, 1978), works are automatically protected by copyright as soon as it's been created in tangible form.

Registration with the Copyright Office nor publication are required for protection under current copyright law, Reproduction, or use of Bwthynbach designs for sale, and/or images used to decorate your listings, is prohibited without prior written permission.

ALL cases of copyright infringement will be reported immediately.

Purchasing Bwthynbach Latex moulds originals, Gives the Buyers permitting to produce as many ornaments from the moulds as they like.

As soon as the mould is no longer useable you must then buy a new mould from us.

Bwthynbach does not grant the buyer any rights to make new moulds in Rubber Latex, Silicon or plastic from our ornaments/designs,

This includes making any alterations to our designs or using selected parts from a design to make new ones.

All our designs are owned by the copyright owner,
Many thanks Denise and John