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My name is Carol and I have been buying and selling items on Ebay under the name of caannie since 1999.
I currently have over 1500 positive feedback remarks, many of which are from buyers of my authentic Louis
Vuitton items. I sold "Searching for Louis: How Not to get Ripped Off on Ebay" on Ebay for several years. Over
700 people purchased my guide and left positive feedback. I published this guide at one time because it supplied
information to consumers that was generally lacking on Ebay. I have long since discontinued the sale of my guide
as there are now many excellent free guides available from Ebay. I am the author and sole owner of this guide.

I am the site owner of The Louis Vuitton Information Resource Center
I am also a member of the Authentic Louis Vuitton Universe, FLALV and The Purse Forum.
Please visit my site for more information about my guide, ALVU, my favorite authentic Louis
Vuitton sellers on Ebay, and the latest pictures of my Louis Vuitton collection!

* * * About VERO * * *

VERO is a an Ebay program that allows Verified Rights Owners to protect their trademarks and copyrighted
material. I am the author and sole owner of the "Searching for Louis" Buying Guide to Louis Vuitton sold on Ebay.
The guide is protected by a registered US Copyright. For more information about US Copyright law please visit
The US Copyright Office Online. If your auction has been ended by Vero due to copyright infringement, please
contact me at the email address provided by Vero. Because my Guide is copyrighted, reproduction of text,
pictures, and information contained within the guide without my prior written consent is a violation of copyright law.
Reselling of my copyrighted downloaded media without prior written consent is also a violation of copyright law.


Some of My Current Collection (and Some I've Sold)

A Little Something Different!
Hermes 32cm Sellier Kelly in Bleu Thalassa Box Calf

Hermes 37cm Bolide in Gold Courcheval

I Love Suhali !!


Blue Tobago Leather Carryall


Boite Flacons, Boite Pharmacie and Boite Bouteilles


Monogram Luggage



My Murakami Multicolor Collection



Damier Collection!


Damier Boite Flacons Edition Centenaire



Cherry Blossom Retro



Baby Blue Vernis Bleeker


Cabas Antigua MM and Pochette Plate in Rose



Other Goodies!



Cerises (Cherries)!



Vanilla Epi & Charms Scarf


Epi Cannes in Four Colors!






Fleurs Vernis

* * * Searching for Louis Vuitton * * *


While looking for authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise on Ebay I found my share of fakes. I decided
it would be fun and interesting to write a book (I am a writer by profession) about how to avoid buying
fake LV items on Ebay. "Searching for Louis: How not to get ripped-off Ebay" was initially a 14-page email
help guide, offered for sale on Ebay for only $2. In its first month on Ebay it sold over 70 copies. My Buying
Guide eventually grew to 52 pages, and has a registered copyright through the US Copyright Office.
I have had the joy of meeting a lot of nice people on Ebay and hopefully have helped many avoid buying
fake LV merchanise. Many fakes sold on Ebay are advertised as authentic, so please shop cautiously.
Before spending a lot of money, do a little research.


Searching for Louis Buying Guide

The White Murakami multicolor wallet in the picture above is a FAKE. Do you know why?

(1) The color scheme is all wrong. Authentic LV Murakami Multicolor pieces have 33 colors in their canvas.
(2) The LV symbols are too big and there are too few of them. There should be four on a wallet of this size.
(3) LV does not make a multicolor wallet in this style.  LV makes a multicolor agenda, but it has leather trim.
(4) There are little black dots (mistakes) on the front of the wallet on a couple of the symbols. An Authentic
Louis Vuitton item would never have a flaw in its monogram canvas like those two black marks.



LV: Our Family Tradition!!







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