Canon Inc.



<About us>


Canon Inc. is a Japanese corporation with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiaries around the world.

Canon develops, manufactures and markets a growing lineup of copying machines, printers, cameras and industrial and other equipments. Through these products, the Company meets growing customer needs that are becoming increasingly diversified and sophisticated. Today, the Canon brand is recognized and trusted throughout the world. The Company is working to fulfill its responsibilities to investors and society, emphasizing sound corporate governance and stepping up the implementation of activities that contribute to environmental and social sustainability.

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<Canon trademarks>


Canon Inc. is the owner of trademark “Canon” as well as other product brands.

Canon takes great care in protecting its intellectual property rights. Its trademarks have acquired considerable worldwide reputation and goodwill since Canon first started trading in the 1930s.

Third parties responsible for the sale and/or offer for sale of any products replicating Canon products (counterfeits) and/or using Canon trademarks without Canon’s permission, in such a way that may dilute our marks, reputation or cause confusion as to the origin of the product, are liable for trademark infringement.


<”Canon” counterfeit products and eBay>


Canon is aware that, regrettably, there is a wide range of Canon counterfeit products available on eBay.

These include:


(i) Digital Camera/Camcorder Accessories

      *Rechargeable batteries

      *Battery chargers

  *Battery grips

      *Camera cases/bags/straps

      *AC adaptors

      *Lens caps



(ii) Printer Consumables

      *Toner/Toner cartridges

      *Ink cartridges


(iii) Promotional Merchandise

*Coffee cups/mugs shaped like Canon lens

       *USB flash drives shaped like Canon cameras


Canon has checked many of these products and has confirmed that they are generally of inferior quality to the real product.


Alarmingly, counterfeit rechargeable batteries and battery chargers have the potential to overheat, ignite or even explode while in use, and Canon therefore strongly urges consumers to be diligent when looking to purchase such products online to ensure they do not inadvertently purchase a counterfeit.

Further, poorly manufactured counterfeit ink/toner cartridges may result in poor printing quality, may leak ink/toner and possibly even damage the printer they are used in.


Please note that use of counterfeits, which cause damage to, or cause abnormalities in the operation of the Canon product, may void Canon’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Canon is making every effort to tackle counterfeit operations in order to protect customers. Tackling counterfeit products on e-commerce websites is Canon’s top priority in this regard.

Even so, Canon regrets to say that a large number of counterfeit “Canon” products are still being observed for sale online.


<Message to buyers on eBay>


Be aware that you have an increased risk of buying counterfeit products by shopping online as you are not able to see and handle the actual merchandise until it is delivered to you.


Quite often the image shown by the seller will be of a genuine Canon product, when this image may not bear any resemblance to the counterfeit “Canon” product that is actually delivered to you.


If you are concerned by an online price that is much lower than the selling price of the same product in a reputable local retailer or a reputable online store, remember, if a price appears to be “too good to be true”, it probably is and the product may well turn out to be counterfeit.


While Canon is making every effort to impact the counterfeit sales found across internet sites, Canon is not an administrator for the services provided on eBay and is unfortunately not in a position to comment on individual disputes arising from purchases between you and the sellers of counterfeit “Canon” products.

For any problems with counterfeit products, malicious behavior or unreasonable treatment from eBay sellers, please consult with eBay Customer Support.


<Message to sellers on eBay>



Canon constantly monitors sales of counterfeit “Canon” merchandise on eBay and deploys undercover buyers around the world to conduct test purchases of suspected counterfeit “Canon” products.

Canon has the means to establish the real identity and location of sellers of counterfeit Canon products and works closely with local authorities, including customs and police services around the world to protect its intellectual property rights. 

Canon does not tolerate the sale of counterfeit “Canon” products and continues to monitor online activities of sellers providing counterfeit Canon products, even after the counterfeit listings have been removed by eBay.

The following deceptive behaviors to try and conceal the sale of counterfeit “Canon” merchandise:


(i) Using image editing software to mask the Canon trademark in product photos in your listings to give the impression that the merchandise does not have a Canon trademark.


(ii) False product descriptions such as “compatible with Canon” or “For Canon” when describing

products that are actually Canon counterfeit.


(iii)The use of library pictures of genuine Canon products when the product delivered is in fact counterfeit.


Listings found to be using these strategies will be flagged by Canon’s anti-counterfeiting teams and will be reported to eBay for take down or other actions which include the involvement of local

authorities such as the police and may include criminal charges being made against the seller and civil lawsuits being started.


Canon also strongly recommends that you do not procure your Canon merchandise for eBay sale from unreliable sources and that you always check that the Canon merchandise that you do purchase is genuine.

If your account is suspended by eBay due to trademark infringements (even if you were unaware that the products were infringing), Canon will not arbitrate with eBay on your behalf to reinstate you as a seller.