Welcome!  If you've found this page perhaps you've been browsing my vintage jewelry creations.    I hope you've found my work as lovely as I intended it to be.

The Works ~ Every piece carries with it my imagination and heart.  They are made with the utmost care and each piece is unique and original.  Hours of planning are involved before the creation of it even begins.  Only original vintage findings are used and the most beautiful beads and antique glass stones.  Great consideration goes into every work of art.  Quality and Detail...for me that's what it's all about.  These gorgeous heirlooms of tomorrow are made to last and I imagine them being passed along through generations of a family.  It is my sincere desire that the person who wears the piece receives many ooo's and ahhh's from admirers.  Everyone wants their jewelry to fit them the way they think looks the best.  Please, let me know if a different length would suit you better before bidding on the item.  I will do my very best to accomodate you and let you know promptly if it can be modified for you.  Within reason I do this at no extra cost. IMPORTANT LEGAL INFORMATION: Please contact me prior to bidding on my items if your intention is to resell the piece in a shop or store. I require all of my finished artwork to be resold with the Certificate of Authenticity. Breaking down these pieces and selling them separately is against the law and this action will be met with a call from my attorney and legal action. I maintain all Copyrights to the name Carmen's Vintage Creation's. All of my designs are copyright protected and as an active member of EBay's VeRO program duplicating any portion of my designs or selling them them as being made by someone else is against the law. Copying, altering or reusing my text or photos is strictly prohibited as well.

The Story ~ I can remember tearing apart jewelry and remaking unique pieces even when I was only 5.  Sitting and rooting through my Grandma's old jewelry boxes for components.  It seemed only natural for me to begin creating my own pieces professionally later in my life. My paintings and sketches have won great recognition but making jewelry is my passion! Carmen is my maiden name.  I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of that name.  The name my parents carry.  Therefore, only vintage creations that are worthy of the name carry it.  My pieces are award winning and are displayed and sold in artisan and upscale jewelry stores.  So rest assured you will be receiving a quality piece!  I also do custom work.  Please contact me if you are interested and I will try to assist you. I specialize in making 'wearable works of art'. So often I've seen amazing pieces of jewelry that would look quite breathtaking in a curio cabinet but are not really wearable for everyday. That is not the case with these creations (although they are certainly display worthy). Wear them with your best outfit or favorite pair of worn in jeans...either way you are going to look fabulous!

The Names ~ Each work has its very own name.  They are carefully chosen and to me express the heart of the piece.  The glowing stones always seem to carry their own thoughts and it is my wish to give those thoughts a name.  A very beautiful and special Certificate Of Authenticity accompanies my finished artwork which bears that name and artist's signature.   Every piece is "one of a kind."  You and only you will own the only one.  There is something very wonderful about that! Each piece is 'signed' elegantly and distinctly into the back side somewhere; usually directly into a brass portion. Sometimes into the back of the clasp as well. This marking bears my signature or initials and CVC along with an identification marking. This is quite important to collectors of these pieces. Often there will be an antique brass tag hanging from the clasp that also is marked. This is the sign of a truly good work of art. Never will these markings detract from the value; only add to it.

Please ~ Enjoy looking over some of my work and I hope to be doing business with you soon.