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My Footprints poem has been a bestseller since 1963 and even more so in the past decade with internet marketing. I am the “sole owner” of all “Footprints poem” publishings. My copyrights have existed long before the days of internet marketing.  My entire footprints poetry collection of writings are now available to the public. See new book releases for Carolyn Joyce Carty American Poet formerly only known as Author Anonymous. At Books Amore Bookstore you can buy autographed copies of my new book releases for Footprints in the Sand poem books and other titles including Surviving Breast Cancer, Surviving Cancer Writing Journals, Footprints Journal Books & Aishiteru A Japanese American Love Story.

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New book releases by Carolyn Joyce Carty American Poet. "Inspirational writings are my gift, as a child I learned to read & write at an extraordinary young age. Many people have wondered about my anonymous authorship for many years. I later became mistakenly identified as author unknown. My footprints poem & poetry has inspired million of people throughout the world. Find out who truly wrote the worlds best loved poem." At Books Amore Bookstore you can buy autographed copies of the new book releases just look for signed copies when buying your books.

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