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Intellectual Property

Chaz Dean, Inc. has made a practice of selling its products under trademarks and of obtaining protection for these trademarks by all available means through its affiliates. Chaz Dean, Inc. trademarks are protected by registration in the United States and other countries where its products are marketed. Chaz Dean, Inc. considers these trademarks in the aggregate to be of material importance in the operation of its business. Anyone who uses Chaz Dean, Inc. trademark, including but not limited to the trademark “WEN by Chaz Dean”, in connection with goods not made by or under the authority of Chaz Dean, Inc. companies is liable for trademark infringement.

In addition, anyone who produces, copies, distributes or displays Chaz Dean, Inc. company copyrighted materials without Chaz Dean, Inc. company permission may be liable for copyright infringement.

Chaz Dean, Inc. and its affiliated companies cooperate fully with law enforcement officials. Chaz Dean, Inc. companies take full advantage of criminal and civil legal remedies available to enforce their trademark rights.




Frequently Asked Questions.

Why was my auction removed?

Chaz Dean, Inc. companies are committed to enforcing their intellectual property rights. Your listing was terminated by eBay at our request. Chaz Dean, Inc. regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to protect its intellectual property rights. In accordance with eBay’s VERO policy, we will notify eBay of auction listings containing unauthorized uses of Chaz Dean, Inc. copyrights and trademarks


Based on a review of the listing title, description, product for sale, and/or graphics and photographs, we believe that your listing infringes on our intellectual property.

But I was able to post my auction…

EBay has indicated that it cannot conduct a comprehensive pre-screening of all auctions for potential violations. Therefore, your ability to post the auction does not indicate that sale of the product in question is legal or authorized.


But there are similar items for sale that are still listed….

We work diligently to ensure that all auctions of our products that contain infringements of our intellectual property.


If you believe that there are other active listing on eBay that involve the products of Chaz Dean, Inc. that do not meet eBay auction guidelines, please feel free to send us the listing number and we will work with eBay to investigate.

I’ll just re-list my auction.

If you decide to re-list an infringing auction or continue to offer unlawful or violating items, you risk civil or criminal liability.



For questions on the content listed in the ABOUT ME page or questions, please send inquiries to In all email correspondence, please include your contact information and the auction number, if relevant to the subject of your email.