About Chief Architect




About Chief Architect

Chief Architect is a world leader in professional architectural design and drafting software. Our company is dedicated to helping our customers reach their goals by providing them with practical, powerful software solutions, world-class technical support, and flexible training options.  We believe that if our customers are successful, then we are successful. To find out more about our company and our software, please visit our website at www.chiefarchitect.com.

As part of this dedication to success, we strive to make sure that when our software licenses are sold on eBay, they are legitimate and can be legally transferred. Unfortunately, though, a large volume of counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized software is sold on the Internet.

Before buying or selling copies of Chief Architect, please review these guidelines:

1) Check to see if the software is owned by the person selling it. A legitimate license holder can provide you with a serial number that we can verify in our database. Legitimate sellers will contact Chief Architect customer service to verify they have the right to sell the license and determine the transfer fee before they list the software for sale.

2) Academic, Educational, and Student versions of our software cannot be sold or transferred. If you have one of these special licence types, you must upgrade it to the Full version by paying the price difference between the two before you can initiate a transfer.

3) Software licenses that have been upgraded cannot be sold or transferred. Check with Chief Architect customer service to determine if your license has been upgraded.

4) Software licences purchased as an additional license at a reduced price can only be transferred after paying the price difference between the full and reduced prices.  Check with Chief Architect customer service to determine if your license was purchased at full price.

5) NFR copies are not for resale and should never be sold. An NFR copy of the software will have the letters NFR in the serial number.

Other useful information:

Chief Architect serial numbers always use the following format:


The third section of the serial number, which says UNO in the example above, indicates the license type.  Serial numbers that have EDU, SNO or NFR are not transferable.

Beware of sellers that offer to assist you with installation. All Chief Architect software installation issues should be handled by our expert support staff based at our corporate headquarters in the United States. Most likely, these sellers are selling a cracked version of the software. Cracked software an altered version of the original code, has not passed our stringent quality tests, and may contain code that could fail and potentially damage your computer.

If you feel that you have encountered a questionable sale, please report it to customerservice@chiefarchitect.com


Common Questions:

I bought the software  - don't I own it?

When you purchase software, you do not own the software itself: you own a license to use the software. This license is subject to terms and conditions outlined in the EULA (End User License Agreement), which purchasers of our software must agree to before installing the program. If you are in violation of the license agreement, it will terminate automatically and upon termination you must return or destroy the software and manuals as outlined in the EULA.

What is wrong with making a copy of the software - can't I give that to someone else?

Duplication of software is allowed only for backup and archival purposes. By making copies of software and giving it to others, you are in fact stealing the intellectual property of the actual owner, effectively taking money from the people who invested time and money to develop the software. These are hardworking people that are dedicated to providing you the best software possible to make you successful, and by copying and distributing software illegally you are depriving others of their livelihoods.