Welcome to the VeRO Participant page of Annenberg Media. We provide this page to assist eBay users in identifying auctions of unauthorized and illegal copies of programs from the Annenberg Media Collection.  If you find an auction item that you suspect is unauthorized, please contact Annenberg Media (info@learner.org), its legal contact (info@chrisknightlaw.com) and eBay (infringement@ebay.com).  We hope you find this informative and helpful and invite you to explore our website for further information at www.learner.org.


About Annenberg Media Annenberg Media uses media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching in American schools. This mandate is carried out chiefly by the funding and broad distribution of educational video programs with coordinated Web and print materials for the professional development of K-12 teachers. It is part of The Annenberg Foundation and advances the Foundation's goal of encouraging the development of more effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.  The Annenberg Media Collections multimedia resources help teachers increase their expertise in their fields and assist them in improving their teaching methods. Many programs are also intended for students in the classroom and viewers at home. All Annenberg Media videos exemplify excellent teaching.


Annenberg Media Distribution and Audiences�Annenberg Media video programs reach their audiences in four ways: 1- they are distributed to schools and other non-commercial community agencies on the organization's own digital satellite channel, called the Annenberg Media Channel; 2- they are streamed on demand at www.learner.org; 3- they are distributed for purchase on videocassette and/or DVD through 1-800-LEARNER; 4-the instructional series are used by colleges and universities for distance-learning telecourses and aired for general viewing on PBS stations.  


Contents The Annenberg Media Collection is the property of, or licensed by, The Annenberg Foundation and is protected under the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and other international jurisdictions. No program, in whole or in part, may be copied, duplicated, reproduced, or transmitted without the written permission of Annenberg Media.  Any unauthorized use will subject the offender to civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.








Q. Why was my auction removed?

A. Your auction was removed because we consider the item that you were selling an unauthorized copy of a program from the Annenberg Media Collection.  The unauthorized duplication of these programs is an infringement of Annenberg Media's rights under the United States Copyright Act.  Those found guilty of willful infringement could be liable for statutory damages as high as $100,000.


Q. Why hasn't Annenberg Media removed all auctions selling infringing products?

A. Not all Annenberg Media products sold on ebay are infringing or unauthorized.  It is legal to re-sell the single authorized videocassette or DVD series that you purchased, as long as it is listed as previously viewed or used (unless unopened). But, you cannot make copies of authorized videocassettes or DVDs and sell them.  Put simply- Videos you purchase may be resold.  Copies you make may not.


Although Annenberg Media vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights and makes every effort to police the marketplace, some infringing items may be missed.  All sellers of infringing items that Annenberg Media is aware of or becomes aware of are put on notice of Annenberg Media's intellectual property rights and pursued if they do not stop infringing.

Q: What if I didn't realize I was violating the law or infringing Annenberg Media's rights?


A: Innocent intent is not a defense under Federal copyright law. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate someone else's copyrights. As an eBay seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that the item you are attempting to sell is legitimate and authorized.


Q:  I purchased the item legitimately, why can�t I re-sell it?


A:  Infringing products may at times be offered for sale, and innocent purchasers may unknowingly buy infringing products. Nevertheless, the existence and sale of such products is still considered infringement.  You can spot many unauthorized items from their packaging.  Annenberg Media videos and DVDs are not sold in plain or black and white video wrappers.





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