"Families Are Like Quilts" by Renee Baker

There are occasionally items for sale on eBay and elsewhere containing the poem, "Families are like quilts" or derivative versions such as "Friends are", "Sisters are", "College fans are", "Children are", etc. The original poem is a copyrighted work registered with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and may not be used without the express written permission of the author, Renee Baker, c. 1989. The official United States Copyright Registration Number is TX2867438.

Although unauthorized versions and copies have been found occasionally on the internet listing the author as "unknown", this does not excuse copyright infringement, and we make every effort to stop unauthorized versions.  Even if unknowingly, you copy the poem for the purpose of selling on eBay or any other commercial venue, you are subject to legal action. There are certain companies who are licensed to use the poem, but they are few. Please be mindful of this when you are tempted to use or take a portion of ANY original textual work. This rule applies to manufacturing, sales, distribution, and unauthorized postings of original works on websites as well. Giving attribution to the author is not the same as acquiring permission. An authorized release must be obtained in writing. Textual work and artwork by Renee Baker and Country Collectibles may not be photocopied or reproduced without the written consent of Renee Baker. Maintaining the integrity of copyrighted works is very important to the authors and originators of those works. Ebay assists in copyright matters with their Verified Rights Owner program. Auctions violating copyright law are subject to cancellation whether or not the infringement was intentional.

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