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Canyon Dancer, Inc. is the name my family and I chose in 1994 when I received the patent for the Bar-Harness and started producing them on our kitchen table. We soon moved out into the garage at my wife's request and spent several years working in the summer heat and winter cold to produce our product and grow our company. I didn't quit my day job until 2001 when sales allowed me to devote my full time and energy to marketing and manufacturing. We now have a 3600 square foot shop behind our house and employ eight part time employees, mostly high school and college students that need flexible schedules, not full time jobs. The Bar-Harness (sometimes erroneously called a Canyon Dancer) is the result of trying to solve a problem in tying down my motorcycle. There just wasn't an easy way. Many variations were tried before settling down with the current design. We feel that so far it's the simplest, quickest and safest way to secure a motorcycle for transport.




The Canyon Dancer Bar-Harness is patented only in the US and we sell our product worldwide, but copies (known as "knock-offs") are produced in Canada, England, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia, and probably other places we haven't heard about yet. We have no rights outside the US but feel that theft of intellectual property is still theft, even if there are no laws against it. Our patent (5,326,202) is available for viewing at if you have any questions about our patent claims or what constitutes an infringement. I might mention that incorporating the claims of our patent (the things that make it unique) in another product is also a violation. That includes adding or incorporating tie-downs with hooks and buckles, or selling Bar-Harness copies in un-assembled form for the purchaser to later assemble. You can also contact us at: Kent Stubbs, Canyon Dancer, Inc. 11895 Paskenta Road, Red Bluff, CA 96080-7775, email: Phone: 530-527-7926 Fax: 530-528-1110


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