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My (full, legal) name is Warrior. I am the man who Created, Performed and OWNs The Ultimate Warrior (as USPTO legally registered trademarks). I created him; I was the only one who ever legally and legitimately performed him; and I own the USPTO legally registered trademark rights of Ultimate Warrior as an Intellectual Property. These Intellectual Property rights include the name "Ultimate Warrior" and "Warrior" in Class 41 as a entertainer/entertainment persona in Sports Entertainment and as a motivational person, as well as several OTHER unique "Class registrations" for distinctive apparel and merchandise licensing. These Intellectual Property Rights also include all indicia related to said persona, including but not limited to the unique face design logo and other tradedress characteristics. It is against the law for anyone to use them without a license and that license must be acquired through me and my corporation, Ultimate Creations, Inc., which owns all these Intellectual Property rights. If there any questions I can answer, I can be reached at "mrwarrior@ultimatewarrior.com" My ebay User ID is "conservativemind." Verification of my identity can be found at my sellers page here on Ebay where I sell "LIMITED EDITION" One-of-a-Kind Memorabilia of which only I, as the creator, performer and owner of The Ultimate Warrior Intellectual Property I claim I am, would possess. Thank you.





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