Continental Airlines Inc.

Continental Airlines** strictly prohibits the sale or auction of any of the following items, including on eBay or any other auction site:

·         Travel-related items, including, but not limited to, tickets, boarding passes, vouchers, coupons, certificates, mileage credits, upgrades, OnePass memberships, OnePass frequent flyer mileage and rewards, OnePass Elite benefits, employee pass privileges and discounts, miscellaneous charge orders Presidents Club memberships and Presidents Club passes  . 


·         Proprietary items, including, but not limited to, manuals, standards, instructional materials, promotional materials, all internal data and documents of Continental Airlines, and all patents, logos, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and other proprietary information owned by Continental Airlines.


·         Security-related items, including, but not limited to, employee badges, identification documents, and uniforms.

Any transaction made on eBay or any other auction site involving the above-listed items is considered null and void and will not be honored by Continental Airlines.  Any person attempting to use such items for the purpose of obtaining services from Continental Airlines will be denied those services.  Specifically, with regard to travel services, any person attempting to use such items for the purpose of boarding a Continental Airlines flight will be denied boarding and, if allowed by Continental Airlines, will be required to purchase a valid ticket in order to travel on the desired flight.  Continental Airlines is not responsible for any items purchased in violation of these rules. 

Continental Airlines reserves the right to take legal action against the buyer, seller, and any other person involved in such transactions.  Continental Airlines also reserves the right to take any action as provided by its contract of carriage and its OnePass program rules, including the termination of a violator’s OnePass account and the forfeiture of a violator’s OnePass miles.  You may obtain a copy of Continental’s contract of carriage and OnePass program rules at

**The term “Continental Airlines” includes Continental Airlines, Inc., Continental Micronesia, Inc., and all operations branded or marketed as Continental Express or Continental Connection.