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Cool Mobility Pty Ltd is a company that has a mission to commercialise technology designed and conceived by us, as well as others. We believe that products for use by the disabled and boating/sailing community should have access to the best technology and be attractive. Equipment should be attractive, as light as possible and utilising the most advanced appropriate technology, to obtain optimum performance for the human technology combination.


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We are also selling equipment that we have found to be functional, well designed, and cool looking in areas of disability equipment, wheelchair parts and boating/yachting gear. All of these fields have premium prices and we aim to make this gear more accessible and afordable.

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There is an option of [only if we are prepared to allow others to use your mark in the future] to enter into a commercial licence agreement or allocate use of a restricted part of our Trademarks, for the use of my trade mark. That way you can legally have the right to trade in these goods in Australia.

Please bear these severe penalties for infringement in mind, as it could destroy your company.


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