Cypress Collectibles specializes in three distinct categories: embroidered iron-on patches, mint condition magazine back issues and custom made gun grips. Although we have many items listed and sell many auctions every day, "we" are really just a one-person operation from Northern California. That means that when you get an email from us, receive a nicely packaged item, see a handwritten "Thank You!" on the receipt or anything, you can know that it was all done by the same person - a person who is committed to customer service and your buying satisfaction. Read more below to find out about some of our products, and if you ever have any questions, just drop us an email!





EMBROIDERED PATCHES: We are quickly becoming one of eBay's largest sellers of embroidered iron-on patches. We design many of our own patches (see below for VERO copyright information), but also carry a variety of popular styles. All of our patches are top quality made by state-of-the-art embroidery machines to our exact specifications. We are constantly adding new styles, but if there is something you can't find, just send us a suggestion. Many of the patches we currently sell are the result of customer requests. We also can manufacture any patch style you want, and even assist you in original design. Contact us about custom orders that we can make and sell to you thru eBay.


Unlike almost every other patch seller on eBay, we spend the extra money to ship every single patch in a rigid, no-bend photo mailer. This costs us a bit of profit but our customers expect their collectibles patch to arrive undamaged in any way. Beware of sellers who throw patches into paper envelopes and let them run through the US Post Office's electronic sorting machines!


We have another policy you will like when it comes to patches: FREE COMBINED SHIPPING! The cost for shipping is 99-cents no matter if you order one patch, two patches, five patches, twenty patches, or more. 99-cents is all you pay for shipping. Just bid or buy the items you want, but wait to pay until we can provide you with a combined invoice!





All of the designs shown below are original creations of Cypress Collectibles. We have registered the copyrights on all of the designs below, and any reproductions by third parties, including derivative works, are strictly prohibited. Under the US Copyright law, the registration of a copyright within 90 days of publication is not only prima facie evidence of proof of ownership, but also entitles the copyright holder (us) to collect attorney's fees on any cases of infringement that aries. If you see any other online vendor selling any of the designs below, please contact us. We offer a $1,000 cash reward for any information that leads to successful lawsuit against companies or individuals who are counterfeiting our original designs.