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Established in 1990, Dansko has been a leader in providing all-day comfort footwear while standing at the forefront of ethical business practices. Founded and operated by husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, Dansko is a 100% employee-owned company based in West Grove, Pennsylvania. You can find Dansko products at over 2,500 premium US and international authorized retail locations. For more information visit www.dansko.com.

Dansko’s Intellectual Property Rights

Dansko provides this "About Me" page to assist eBay users in recognizing unauthorized and illegal sales and merchandise, to explain the proper listing of Dansko items for sale on eBay, and to clarify when and how to use the DANSKO® trademark.

Dansko owns the DANSKO trademark and use of the DANSKO trademark in connection with products not made by or under the authority of Dansko is a violation of federal and state trademark and unfair competition law.

More specifically, it is a misuse of the DANSKO trademark to sell DANSKO footwear under another trademark or identify other footwear as DANSKO footwear. This includes selling DANSKO footwear as "Sanita" footwear or "Sanita" footwear as "DANSKO". We recognize that "Sanita" appears on the soles of some older DANSKO shoes but Dansko and Sanita have always been separate and distinct brands and companies. Any listing offering a "DANSKO-SANITA" shoe is a misuse of the DANSKO trademark although the listing can, if accurate, indicate that the shoes use a "Sanita" sole.

Moreover, Dansko owns the copyright in all pictures, text and graphics on the Dansko website and in promotional materials distributed by Dansko. Use of these pictures, text and graphics without permission from Dansko violates federal copyright law.

Dansko products are sold through authorized retail locations. All new DANSKO footwear must be sold by authorized Dansko retailers. It is false and misleading to characterize the re-selling of a Dansko product as "new," because this implies that the seller is authorized by Dansko to retail Dansko footwear.

Dansko works to remove all unauthorized uses of its intellectual property from eBay, but it is difficult to identify and remove every infringing sale. The fact that an active sale infringes Dansko™s intellectual property does not give other sellers to right to do so as well. Sellers have the responsibility to ensure that their sales are not in violation of federal and state trademark, unfair competition, and copyright laws, and ignorance is not an excuse for infringement. Please make sure that your sale does not violate the rights of any copyright or trademark holder before commencing a sale on eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my sale suspended?

Your sale was suspended because Dansko alerted eBay that it believed your sale infringed upon Dansko’s intellectual property rights, including mis-using the DANSKO trademark.

Why can’t I use the name "Sanita" in reference to a Dansko product?

The name "Sanita" appears on the soles of some older Dansko shoes but since Dansko and Sanita are different companies, identifying DANSKO shoes as being products of both Dansko and Sanita is inaccurate and a misuse of Dansko’s trademark.

Why does Dansko care if I misuse the DANSKO trademark in my listing?

Dansko cares because we don’t want customers to be confused about a product purchased on eBay. An eBay user seeing a trademark in a sale listing is likely to believe that the product sold is affiliated with or endorsed by that mark holder and that the listing information is accurate. If a listing uses the DANSKO trademark to identify a shoe that is not a DANSKO shoe, the potential customer confusion that results is a type of trademark infringement and violates trademark laws.

Likewise, a consumer who sees a DANSKO shoe sold under another company’s trademark could associate the DANSKO shoes (erroneously) with another company.

Though trademark infringement in a single eBay sale might seem harmless, misuse of the DANSKO trademark can cause confusion in the marketplace to the detriment of consumers. Dansko takes very serious the enforcement of its intellectual property rights. Dansko representatives regularly monitor the Internet to address violations of these rights.

Why did eBay let me post my listing if it was infringing?

eBay has insisted that it is unable to pre-screen all of its sales. Allowing a sale to be listed does not mean eBay has determined that your listing does not infringe Dansko’s trademark or copyright rights.

If you have any additional questions concerning Dansko’s intellectual property rights, please contact ebay@dansko.com and provide us with your eBay item number, if applicable.