Dave's Discount Motors, Inc.



Dave's Discount Motors, Inc. ("DDM") is a family-owned company, specializing in retail and wholesale sales of genuine California Goped brand scooters, HPI Racing and FG Modellsport large scale R/C products, pocketbike parts, Zenoah and Chung Yang R/C engines and parts, and related accessories. Our primary goal is always customer satisfaction. We are located in Draper, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City.

What makes DDM different?

  • We are a Factory Authorized Distributor with many years of experience.
    DDM is a factory-authorized dealer or distributor for top brands, including Goped scooters, HPI Racing R/C products, FG Modellsport R/C products, Zenoah engines, Chung Yang engines, Walbro carburetors, and many, many more.  We offer thousand of stock and aftermarket products from dozens of manufacturers in one easy to shop location.  Be careful as you shop around - many new companies are just trying to "cash in" on a hot industry. Be sure the company you select will give you a fair price, great service, and top-notch after-sale support.

  • We have a HUGE inventory.
    DDM stocks over five thousand different parts. We stock all Goped scooter parts, many HPI Racing and FG Modellsport large scale parts, and hundreds of top-quality aftermarket items. Our large warehouse allows us to have the items you want IN STOCK - no need to wait for drop shipping or special orders from the manufacturer. We are constantly expanding our selection to meet your needs. Our ability to purchase in bulk allows us to pass the savings along to you.

  • Our location gives us an inherent advantage.
    We are located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Draper, Utah, USA and ship worldwide. Shipping takes only a few days to your location!

  • We use what we sell.
    DDM owners and employees use and love Goped brand scooters, HPI R/C vehicles, and FG R/C vehicles. Our customers are always welcome to give us a call regarding any questions they may have about these awesome products.

  • DDM is family owned and operated.
    From day one, DDM has been a family-owned, customer-centric business.  Our goal is to delight you, our customer. We sell hobby products because we enjoy them and want to spread fun across the world. 

  • Feel free to contact us anytime!
    Phone: 801 619 0235
    Toll-free in USA: 866 368 1441
    Fax: 801 619 0240
    Email: sales@davesmotors.com
    Mailing address:
    228 West 12300 South, Suite 106
    Draper, UT 84020







DDM is the designer and sole manufacturer of genuine Dominator® brand pipes for your R/C vehicle.

Dominator® is a registered federal trademark of Dave's Discount Motors, Inc.

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