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Stuff from the past to the present - Toys, antiques, collectibles and Rock and Roll!
It has been fun having two lives! One life deadicated to creating Relix Magazine (1974) and Relix Records(1981). Sold them in 2001, but still maintain the Trademark right to use the name "Relix" for antiques, toys, collectables and rock and roll collectables. The second life, collecting, trading and selling wonderful Disney and Disney Cast Member items and toys since 1980.

Thanks to eBay, I have a way of getting my 'stash' out of the closets and draws and into the hands of other people who can enjoy them. As a result of 9+ years of selling on eBay, a lot of people consign wierd things for sale, so you can never tell what I will have on my pages!!!! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!! Finally, I have to include information concerning eBay's VERO RIGHTS program. Relix International, Inc, and Brown Communications, Inc are two companies that own considerable images in the "Grateful Dead" or "Deadhead" style of art. These images are Copyrighted, and in some cases Trademarked images owned by us. Use of these images with out approvial is a violation of these rights. If you would like to contact us concerning any notices you may have received, please email me directly at: Also, you can check out for samples of our images