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Dell Inc. is one of the world's leading global systems and services companies and is uniquely enabled by its direct business model. Because of this, Dell does not sell PCs, notebooks, batteries, monitors, printers, projectors, S&P items or servers on eBay.


The Dell name and logo, as well as our product names, have gained goodwill and fame throughout the world due to use and significant marketing efforts for the past 20+ years. Dell works diligently to protect its brand and copyrighted photography and to protect its consumers from counterfeit, sub-standard products.

Please be aware that Dell has found counterfeit batteries, AC adapters and optical drives for sale on eBay. These products are not manufactured by Dell and therefore have not gone through our rigorous testing and certification procedures.

Consumers should also be aware that any Dell items, from PCs to projectors, sold on eBay are not covered by any Dell warranty. Under Dell's terms & conditions of sale, a warranty is invalidated if the product is resold. Dell rigorously protects its trademarks and copyrights and polices eBay on a consistent basis.







Q: Why was my auction cancelled?

A: Dell has determined that your auction infringes Dell trademarks or copyrights or has a good faith belief that your auction contained counterfeit Dell merchandise.

Q: Why can't I use the Dell logo or images from the Dell website to sell my items?

A: The Dell logo and all product images are protected by trademark and/or copyright laws. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.

Q: I bought a Dell system on eBay and cannot get warranty coverage or service on my machine. Why not?

A: Dell's terms and conditions of sale expressly state that resale of a Dell item without authorization will invalidate any warranty. Any auction of a brand-new item claiming that the Dell warranty will transfer after the sale is simply not true. Warranties may transfer on used products, subject to certain terms and conditions.


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