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IQ Implants Ltd. reflects many years of
experience in dental implantology by its creators. As a result of a
productive collaboration between experienced doctors, engineers, scientists
and many other specialists and based on advantages in computer assisted
technologies, it was possible to develop system of dental implants, that
allows doctors quick, safe and efficient implantation process without

IQ Implants is a highly efficient and technologically advanced dental
implants system. By reinventing the way our distribution works, we were able
to significantly cut cost and make IQ Implants affordable without
compromising quality.


IQ Implants Ltd highest priority is the safety
and integrity of our products for our customers and ultimately patients. 
The threat posed to public health and safety by counterfeit, fake,
improperly stored products is a very serious one.  As a potential buyer
of IQ Implants products from unauthorized sources including eBay, please be
aware that you are assuming the risk of purchasing counterfeit, illegally
diverted, stolen or adulterated product.  As a potential seller, be
aware that distributing counterfeit, illegally diverted, stolen or
adulterated product may subject you to civil or criminal liability including
imprisonment and/or substantial fines.


IQ Implants Ltd protects its
intellectual property through copyright laws in the United States and other
countries around the world.  IQ Implants Ltd considers its trademarks
and copyrighted material to be valuable intellectual property.  Anyone
who uses IQ Implants trademarks in connection with any goods not
manufactured by or with the consent of IQ Implants has violated IQ Implants
trademark rights and is liable for this infringement. Also, the use or
dissemination of IQ Implants copyrighted material, such as, but  not
limited to, photos, in any way without IQ Implants express permission is
prohibited, and may constitute a violation of copyright laws in the United
States and elsewhere.

IQ Implants Ltd cooperates fully with law enforcement and regulators
regarding these intellectual property issues, and will enforce its rights
both civilly and criminally to the fullest extent of the law.


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