Dick Harrell Performance Center, Inc. ("DHPC Inc.") Licensing Department


Valerie Harrell is the owner and/or authorized licensor and protector of various intellectual property, including but not limited to: The stylized Dick Harrell within the Dick Harrell design shield logo, Dick Harrell word mark, and Dick Harrell Performance Center word mark in any font, any likeness is trademarked, the trademarked names and signatures of Dick Harrell, as well as the images and likenesses of Dick Harrell, and Dick Harrell race cars.



If your auction has been ended by Ebay, then the item you were attempting to sell incorporated one or more of the aforementioned intellectual properties and was not licensed by Valerie Harrell. We realize that there are many unlicensed products on Ebay and are doing our best to shut down as many of them as we can the difficultly is that there are so many of them and we have limited time and resources to combat them. Here are some helpful clues in trying to figure out whether a product is officially licensed by Valerie Harrell or not: Find a product that you KNOW is officially licensed and study the Dick Harrell font and design shield on the car (it should look EXACTLY like the actual Dick Harrell race car in the same font and design shield). If the Dick Harrell font and/or Dick Harrell within the design shield on another product does not look EXACTLY like the Dick Harrell design on the real race cars, then it is fake. The DH font & design shield should always look EXACTLY THE SAME on every product for each Dick Harrell driven/owned,tuned race car (same style). Another helpful clue is that it is not Valerie Harrell's policy to authorize third parties to create "memorial" products regarding Dick, and she has firmly decided not to market any "in memory of" type of products of Dick. Valerie Harrell does appreciate that material such as these in memory of products are not commercially sold. Look for Dick Harrell Licensed Products on the Official Dick Harrell Website Online Store at www.dickharrell.com and www.DickHarrellPerformanceCenter.com If you have a question about an auction that you have seen or that you would like to list on eBay, please contact sales@dickharrell.com. If you are a fan looking for assistance, please don't hesitate to send us your question at contact Valerie@DickHarrell.com. Also, you may visit the Official Dick Harrell "Mr. Chevrolet" Website at http://www.DickHarrell.com and The Official Dick Harrell Performance Center at http://www.DickHarrellPerformanceCenter.com Dick Harrell Performance Center is trademarked owned solely by Valerie Harrell. Dick Harrell Performance Center originally based out of Kansas City, Missouri opened in 1968, and is now located in Los Angeles, California.

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