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Zion WPA poster original and in the public domain
Ranger Doug's redrawn and copyrighted version--note copyright lower left corner

My name is "Ranger Doug" and I was really once a ranger....really. During my Park Service work, I rescued an old poster and later redrew the screens and republished it for a fundraiser for Grand Teton National Park. We sold a few and I decided to publish our neighboring park's poster also--Yellowstone, except they didn't have one. So I simply made up a design. But before publishing it, I looked into the history of these posters (there was only one known at that time--1973) and discovered a cache of black and white photocopies of the original set of 13 images produced between 1938 and 1941. This discovery process and the subsequent restoration of each screen took me 20 years of work and cost about $150,000. I, naturally took copyright on all my work as derivative art. All the original images are in the public domain. All my redrawn screens are not. And this is the problem--most buyers and sellers on eBay don't make the distinction....but I do. Since finishing the (now 14) historical set, most National Parks have approached me to design and publish posters that look "in the style of" the WPA. I've now published over 40 park designs and have copyrighted everything I do and will vigorously defend all my copyrights and my trademark "Ranger of the Lost Art".

For WPA National Park Posters that are now in the public domain, visit the Library of Congress website listed below. For those people who publish my copyrighted work (usually with on-demand printers and sell on eBay and Amazon) and who still have difficulty grasping the concept copyright, I've posted an original Zion poster to the right and a my redrawing below. The distinction is clear--my copyright is shown at the bottom left. We will vigorously defend this copyright. And customers who purchase WPA National Park posters, be aware that there are various qualities to consider--but we at Ranger Doug's Enterprises are the only ones to offer the full set of park images in hand screened serigraph prints and for just $40 bucks.

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