DressThatMan.com Incorporated

DressThatMan.com Incorporated, DressThatMan.com,
Inc. (“DTM”) is a member of eBay’s VeRO program.
DTM is the exclusive owner or licensee of trademarks and services
marks, including the DressThatMan.com name and logo (collectively,
the “DTM Marks”) and related copyrights associated with
images of mens vintage apparel and consumer products.

DressThatMan.com Incorporated vigilantly protects
its intellectual property and will not tolerate any infringement
of its rights in regard to copyrighted photographs and text taken
from the website, including the use of the DressThatMan.com name and links to any page on our website. DressThatMan.com Incorporated regularly monitors
the Internet, including auction sites, in order to protect its intellectual
property rights. DTM notifies eBay of auction listings containing
unauthorized uses of DTM’s copyrighted images, trademarks and
text in auction listings - including our name. eBay then takes the necessary action to
comply with its user policies, which include removing the auction
from the eBay website

Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why was my auction terminated?

A: Most likely, your auction was removed from the eBay website
because it displayed unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted images
owned by DressThatMan.com Incorporated or, text including product
descriptions taken from the DTM site, or the unauthorized use of
any of DTM trademarks - including our name and/or links to the DressThatMan.com website.

Q: What if I did not realize that I was infringing DressThatMan.com’s intellectual property rights?

Innocent intent does not negate liability under United States copyright or trademark laws. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. Before commencing an eBay auction, you must take affirmative steps to ensure that your auction does not violate the rights of any copyright or trademark owner. "Found" images on the internet via search engine image search or, other means, does not mean they are not copyrighted works that are free to use.

Q: Can I copy an image from the DressThatMan.com website and
use it in my auction?

A: No. Any unauthorized reproduction, display or distribution
of DressThatMan.com Incorporated copyrighted images on the website
is illegal. You are prohibited using these collective copyrighted
works owned by DressThatMan.com in any shape or form. This prohibited use includes reproducing,
publishing, distributing, displaying, modifying or creating derivative
works from, or from the exploitation, in whole or part, by utilizing
any of the creative works displayed or connected to DressThatMan.com
Incorporated, including images and or written text, whether it is for profit or not.

Q: Why didn't DressThatMan.com Incorporated contact me directly
before reporting my auction to eBay?

A: There are times when we do, but... for reasons of speed and efficiency, it is impractical to contact
each seller individually. In order to maintain its reputation and
name, DressThatMan.com, Inc. must work diligently and speedily to protect its reputation
for providing the highest quality mens vintage products, and to
stop the use of copyrighted images, text and trademarks.