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We are a family run business based in North Texas. We use our diverse backgrounds in Technology, Arts, Tooling, Design and the Outdoors to come up with creative, outside of the box products. Innovative solutions to what we see as everyday issues. We are working on many unique products to support passionate shooters like ourselves. Our focus has been on the everyday shooter, the concealed carry owner, and the well prepared citizen.

As an eBay VeRO Program member, DropCrate reviews items for sale on eBay daily. We have an in house photo studio and take high quality professional photographs that belong to DropCrate LLC and are not authorized for use on any website, eBay auction, or for profit enterprise.

The use of DropCrate’s photography or artwork is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of DropCrate. Even if you obtain images from a seller other than DropCrate, that seller may be using DropCrate’s proprietary images. Copying or re-creating our photographs, business name, products or other trademarks is a violation of copyright law. Further information regarding eBay’s guidelines may be found at http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/png-items.html.

DropCrate will use eBay's VeRO program to report the listing(s) of any auctions it considers infringes its rights in any way in which product is offered for sale or delivery. DropCrate cannot assist in the reinstatement of any auctions or eBay accounts which have been terminated by eBay following a legitimate request by DropCrate. As a seller, you have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate the intellectual property rights of another. Ignorance that it is a violation of any country's trademark, patent or copyright laws is no excuse.

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