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Charles and Ray Eames were world famous designers in the 50's 60's and 70's.  They  designed furniture, fabric, exhibitions, toys, produced short films and thousands of  photographs and slides.  The heirs of Charles and Ray own many trademarks, service marks and copyrighted material worldwide in connection with the work of Charles and Ray. There is no universal way of differentiating a counterfeit product from a genuine item.  However, most counterfeits are made with poor quality material and are badly finished. 


Only two companies, Herman Miller and Vitra are auhorized worldwide to produce and sell Eames furniture. Furniture from any othe manufacturer is always counterfeit.  Only VItra is authorized to produce miniature Eames furniture, again, any other source is counterfeit.


The manufacture, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit goods carry stiff criminal penalties.  Below is a list of sample phrases to look for in the description of the item for sale in order to help determine its authenticity:


Eames Like - Eames Inspired - Eames Replica - Reproduction



Generally, if the seller does not affirmatively guarantee the authenticity of the item, there is a reasonable chance that it is counterfeit. Therefore, if nothing is mentioned in the description regarding authenticity, it is likely to be counterfeit. A buyer should always request an affirmative guarantee of authenticity from a seller. Unfortunately, it is also possible that a seller with a guarantee of authenticity may be selling a counterfeit item.



The Eames family checks eBay for auctions that infringe on protected property and if your auction was ended and you were refered to this page it is because the item you were selling did, in the opinion of the Eames family, infringe on a protected right.


We appreciate your understanding and want all buyers to enjoy the benefit of genuine Eames design.



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