The Boppy Company About Me Page

This page has been created for any seller seeking information on why we have requested that an item be removed from eBay.


The Boppy Company, LLC ("Boppy") makes and sells the popular BOPPY® nursing and infant support pillow and a variety of other products to support moms and babies.  We have enjoyed a measure of success with our BOPPY® products, due in substantial part to the considerable effort and resources we have expended in developing and marketing our products.  We consider the protection of our intellectual property rights to be an integral part of marketing and brand management efforts.  In this regard, Boppy possesses a portfolio of patents and registered trademarks, as well as copyrights and other common law rights.

In addition to numerous patents, Boppy also owns and has exclusive rights to the trademark BOPPY® in the United States and many foreign countries for use in connection with pillows, slipcovers and several other products.  The BOPPY® mark has been registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Use of the BOPPY® mark in connection with pillows, slipcovers or any related products by any entity other than The Boppy Company, without a license, is likely to create consumer confusion and constitute trademark infringement.   Any use of this name for a product that is not manufactured by The Boppy Company is violating that trademark. This includes products from our competitors and any homemade products. We will request that any product using the Boppy name that is not a true Boppy product, be removed from eBay.



Please be aware that Boppy patents cover numerous aspects of the functional design and use of its BOPPY® products, including Boppy pillows and slipcovers.  Any products sold on eBay that infringe our patents may be subject to immediate removal.


We review the eBay site on a regular basis to ensure that neither our trademarks nor patents are being violated.


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The Boppy Company