Ember Candles requests numerous eBay auctions to be cancelled.  The reasons outlined below will help you understand why.

It is illegal to manufacture, import, offer for sale, sell, advertise or distribute counterfeit or infringing Ember products. These activities carry both criminal and civil penalties.

The “Ember”, “Ember Candles”, Ember – all natural candles”, The Ember Experience”, “The Ember Difference”, “Is it not time you stopped to smell the candles”, Driftwood Candle”, “Candle Sand”, “Mendles”, words are all registered trademarks in Australia.  The use of any of these Trade Marks without our permission is Trade Mark infringement.

The only way to ensure that your Ember items are genuine is to purchase them from the Ember Candles store, authorised stockist or online from www.embercandles.com.au



For buyers in China you should go to Embers China Store   http://www.embercandles.cn/