Edward McCain, Photographer
Recently, I discovered the rampant use of several of my copyrighted photos of Indy Racer Danica Patrick, especially on eBay!

The photos of Danica are copyrighted by me and they were never licensed for this use. Any further use of these images is subject to the Federal Copyright Law. For more information about this, you may wish to visit this link:
You may even look up my Copyright Registration for these photos. The Registration number is VAu 564-275.

The ONLY use the photos were ever authorized for was for use by Argent Mortgage in 2003 on a limited number of mortgage industry trade magazines ads and mortgage industry postcards, keychains and popup mailers. Argent also legally licensed the use of one image in an ad that ran once in Maxim magazine and once in Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

ANY other usage of these photos than what I licensed to Argent Mortgage, and yes, this includes prints, magazine covers, media guides, clocks, T-shirts and ANYTHING other than those items, constitutes copyright infringement and is subject to penalties up to $150,000 per infringment! On top of that, anyone using these images without a valid license from McCain Photography in writing will very likely be paying my lawyer's expenses to pursue the matter in Federal Court.

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