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About Epson

Epson America, Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, a global technology company at the forefront of technological revolutions in imaging, robotics, precision machinery and electronics. The company develops and manufactures information-related equipment (computers and peripherals, including printers, scanners, projectors, and point of sale systems), under the world-famous EPSON® brand, as well as electronic devices (semiconductors, displays, and quartz devices), precision products (watches, plastic corrective lenses, and factory automation equipment) and other products.


About The Epson Ink Jet Printing System.

All EPSON Stylus® Color, EPSON Stylus® Photo, PictureMate®, Artisan, Workforce and EPSON Stylus® Pro ink jet printers and all-in-ones feature a unique printing system of core technologies that enable Epson ink jet printers to produce industry-leading color output and true photo quality prints. These technologies include use of a Micro Piezo® permanent printhead engineered to work with a specific ink set and paper types. This combination of technologies delivers beautiful output while also assuring proper functioning of the printer. Epson heavily invests in research and development activities to improve and advance its printer and ink technologies so that its customers achieve superior print quality and reliability from their printers.


About Genuine Epson Ink

Epson ink. Its value is apparent each time you print.

Epson has invested significantly in technologies and facilities to give users the best value in digital photographic printing. Industry editors and experts have agreed that Epson efforts have paid off. Professional photographers, for instance, prefer Epson printers by a margin of four to one over any other brand. Only Epson has the right to apply its trademarks to its printers and ink cartridges as symbols of Epson quality. The EPSON trademark and other trademarks associated with marketing Epson products are protected by US and international trademark laws. Anyone who improperly uses Epson trademarks without permission is violating trademark law. Similarly, photographs of genuine Epson products and packaging and accompanying descriptions of the characteristics of genuine Epson ink, as well as user and service manuals, are protected by copyright laws. Anyone who copies and publishes Epson copyrighted materials without permission is liable for copyright infringement. Many Epson products are also protected by Epson patents so anyone who copies, imports, or resells unlicensed copies of the patented products could be liable for patent infringement.


eBay Sellers:  Why was my auction of Epson ink halted?

If you are selling ink cartridges on eBay, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your sales practices do not violate Epson trademark, patent, and copyright rights.


Resellers of non-genuine inks and ink cartridges often attract customers to an auction by using the trademark "EPSON" but really offer products manufactured by third parties. That unfair competition. It is misleading when "Epson" is used in a context that would encourage a user to purchase the product without discovering that it was not genuine Epson until the product is delivered.


Epson monitors auctions with five primary considerations:


  • Does the auction use Epson trademarks or copyrighted material in an unfair, confusing or misleading manner?
  • Does the auction clearly identify the brand of ink it is selling?
  • Are refilled cartridges appropriately labeled as “remanufactured” or “refilled” cartridges?
  • Does the auction make performance claims about its non-genuine ink that it cannot support?
  • Do the cartridges being sold infringe Epson’s patents? A U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) General Exclusion Order prohibits imports of new and refilled cartridges that infringe certain patents. Epson has an extensive program to enforce ink cartridge patents before the ITC and US District Courts? (For more information see:


Epson will request eBay to shut down all auctions for non-Epson brand cartridges that do not specify in the title that the ink cartridge offered are not genuine Epson ink cartridges. To avoid confusing consumers, you must clearly identify your cartridges as non-genuine. The title of your auction needs to state the term "compatible ink cartridge" or "non-genuine ink cartridge" or "non-OEM ink cartridge". You need to be sure that you clearly identify the brand of ink you are selling." Similarly, the aftermarket ink seller can not reference Epson genuine ink cartridge model numbers within the auction title.




  • XYZ BRAND ink cartrdige for Epson Stylus C82
  • Non-genuine ink cartridge for Epson Stylus C82
  • Non-OEM ink cartridge for Epson Stylus C82
  • Compatible ink cartridge for Epson Stylus C82



According to eBay's Compatibility Policy, the use of "comp" instead of the word compatible or “reman” instead of the word “remanufactured”, are not acceptable practices. The words “fits”, “fits with” or “suits” Epson is not permitted, since they are open to a wide range of interpretations and can be confusing and misleading to the consumer. Similarly, the aftermarket ink seller can not reference Epson genuine ink cartridge model numbers within the auction title.


Please note that Epson will request eBay to shut down auctions that contain representations of the quality or performance of the compatible ink or ink cartridges unless such representations are true and can be substantiated. By requesting eBay to shut down such auctions, Epson does not waive its right to sue for damages even if shut downs occur.


If you have further questions, please contact us at: Please cite your eBay auction number in the subject line of the e-mail.



eBay Sellers: Why was my auction of Epson User and Service Manuals halted?

Epson User and Service Manuals are the copyrighted intellectual property of Seiko Epson Corporation and Epson America, Inc. Epson does not grant third parties the right to sell these materials. Sale of these materials violates Epson's copyrights. Epson will request eBay to shutdown all such auctions.


eBay Purchasers:  What can you do if you thought you bought genuine Epson ink but received a non-genuine cartridge?

If you wanted genuine Epson ink cartridges but were misled and received non-genuine ink cartridges, please contact the seller and return the merchandise. If the price you paid for your genuine Epson ink cartridge was "too good to be true" it may indicate that you were not buying genuine Epson ink. Do not be misled by sellersexplanations that cartridges are specially priced because of special deals such as liquidations and bankruptcy sales. Such tactics are used by counterfeiters who want you to buy cheap knock-offs that may not function properly in your printer. If you believe you have been misled, contact the eBay Buyer Protection Program to file a complaint.


For further information, please contact the Epson Legal Rights Enforcement Team at: