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FabJob.com is a leading publisher of career information. Founded in 1999, and named the #1 place to get published online by Writer's Digest, the world's most popular magazine for writers, FabJob.com Ltd. is visited by millions of people per year seeking information on how to break into a "fab" job.

We publish e-books (electronic books), CD-ROMs, and print books. Our main product line is career guides about how to get started and succeed in a FabJob

Copyright exists in the words and images on our website as well as our guides. For example, the graphic shown above is owned by FabJob.com. It was developed by a graphic artist to sell our career guides on our own website. If it is used for an eBay auction, the seller is violating our intellectual property rights, as well as the rights of the photographer.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our intellectual property includes copyrights owned by FabJob.com Ltd. in our career guides, our web pages, and other company materials as well as our trade names and trade marks. With the exception of a scan or a photograph of a FabJob guide cover, it is illegal to use any of our copyrighted materials, including any graphic or written material from our website, to sell products on eBay.

Our intellectual property reflects the reputation we have developed in the marketplace, and are valuable assets to our business. We have recently discovered that infringers have attempted to use copyrighted information from our web site and/or career guides on eBay. We have retained legal counsel to carefully monitor and diligently protect our rights in our intellectual property. We will take all appropriate actions, where necessary, to fully protect our rights.

To further protect the intellectual property rights owned by FabJob.com, we are a member of eBay Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program. We monitor all eBay auctions, and where we find any unauthorized use or infringement of our intellectual property, the offending auction is terminated under eBay VeRO program.

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The cover graphic above is owned by FabJob.com. If you see it on eBay, the seller is violating our intellectual property rights, unless they are reselling a copy they have obtained legally. Beware of infringers who are selling multiple copies, or using the graphic without the words FabJob Guide to. These are likely illegal copies. To report any potential infringements, including any reproduction of material from our website, please notify us by using the contact form on our website at: