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FileMaker, Inc. is the worldwide leader in easy-to-use database software. Millions of customers - individuals, small businesses, teams in education and government, workgroups in Fortune 100 companies - manage, analyze, and share information with FileMaker database software. FileMaker software includes the legendary FileMaker Pro product line for Windows, Mac, and the Web, and Bento, the personal database software for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With FileMaker software, creating, customizing, and sharing easy-to-use software solutions is quick and easy. And the FileMaker Pro product line is powerful enough to integrate with corporate data environments, share on the Web, and grow as your needs grow. FileMaker, Inc. may permit the auction of FileMaker software on eBay provided that an Online Auction Transfer form is completed and submitted along with the appropriate supporting documentation. This form can be downloaded from our website at: Once you receive a confirmation email from the FileMaker, Inc. legal department you may list your software on eBay.

Software piracy is the duplication, distribution or use of software without authorization from the copyright owner. It includes, downloading unlicensed copies of software from the Internet, making copies for, or loaning disks to, friends or associates, installing one licensed copy onto multiple computers, selling counterfeit or back-up copies online or elsewhere, or using unlicensed or counterfeit copies.
It's estimated that as much as 90% of software sold over auction sites like eBay is either illegal, counterfeit or grey market copies. Additionally, it's estimated that up to 41 percent of installed business software worldwide and 20 percent in the U.S. is illegally copied. Software theft and its related effects -- including lost jobs, wages and tax revenues -- totaled an estimated $9.1 billion in the U.S. and $53 billion worldwide in 2008.
When buying software off eBay or other internet websites there are some warning signs to help spot illegal software: “Too good to be true” pricing, “CD-ROM only” sales without the box, previously registered software, restricted-use software, anonymous sellers, no refund policy, multi-license packs.
The risks of purchasing software on the internet may include receiving software of a lower quality, no support, and/or exposure to debilitating viruses. You may also be subject to significant fines for copyright infringement, negative publicity in the case of an organization, and/or you may be exposing yourself to credit card fraud.
If you think you’ve purchased pirated software: Contact the seller and demand a full refund or ask for a legitimate replacement product or verification that the product you purchased is legal. If the vendor refuses to give you a refund or replacement product, report these actions to your local Consumer Affairs Office and the Better Business Bureau. If you purchased from an online auction site, contact the auction or reseller site and file a complaint. You may contact the FileMaker Anti-Piracy department at And/or the Business Software Alliance (BSA) anti-piracy hotline at 888- NO-PIRACY.

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