About Fishman Transducers:

Fishman is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Fishman products in the United States. In addition, Fishman is the sole distributor of several premium brands of audio technology products.

If you received a notice from eBay stating that your auction was removed, please read the following official statement:

Fishman is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Fishman products in the United States.

Fishman is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and strictly enforces proper use of its trademarks, services marks, and copyrights. Fishman has developed and maintains a reputation for providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. In an effort to protect and preserve its intellectual property rights, Fishman regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to address the infringement of its rights.

The auction of improperly represented merchandise, or the unauthorized use of Fishman trademarks and copyrights cause monetary damage to Fishman, as well as damage to the Fishman Brand name and reputation. In order to protect Fishman Dealers, Distributors and Consumers, Fishman must be vigilant in protecting the Fishman Brand and its reputation and will act to end any infringing auctions.

If you have received a notification from eBay that you must withdraw your auction, it is because we believe that your unauthorized auction of Fishman product is a violation of Fishman’s rights and improperly trades upon Fishman’s standards and reputation. Your auction was suspended for one or more of the following reasons:

• You are not a Fishman Authorized Dealer

• You are in direct violation of a Fishman Dealer or Distribution Agreement

• Your auction constitutes an unauthorized resale of Fishman products obtained from an authorized dealer.

• Your auction violates Fishman’s USA MAP policy.

• Your auction constitutes an unauthorized importation of a Fishman product.

• Your auction fails to disclose to potential buyers material differences in goods sold to the United States market and those sold outside the United States.

• Your auction fails to disclose to consumers appropriate warranty terms, or lack thereof.

• Your auction constitutes theft of Fishman intellectual property as it includes counterfeit or (illegally unlocked/ modified, license bypassed, and/or duplicated) software.

• Your auction constitutes copyright infringement because it is a recreation of copyrighted materials (i.e. CDs or other such media containing audio samples of sounds, programs or samples from our products).

• Your auction constitutes trademark infringement as you are using the Fishman trademark without authorization.

• Your auction implies an association or affiliation with Fishman, as you are directly linking to, or directing users to its websites (www.fishman.com) without authorization.

• Your auction constitutes copyright infringement as you are incorporating copyrighted images from its websites (www.fishman.com) or from Printed Material.

Any auctions, or offers for sale, that infringe upon, or violate Fishman rights, will be pursued. Please contact the undersigned for further discussion of this matter.

Fishman Transducers, Inc.

6 Riverside Drive / Andover, MA 01810

att: eBay VeRO Policy Manager

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