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Many people have tried to sell items on Ebay claiming they have been worked on by me using my name and my trademarked mod names to boost sales and profit. With FJA Mod Check you can enter the serial number of an amp to verify if it's truly been modified by FJA Mods.

FJA Mods Check

If you have ANY doubts as to the legitimacy of any sellers claims please contact me directly
with a serial number for verification. Please report any items to me you and Ebay
you suspect are not true works of FJA Mods.

FJA Mods, FJA, Clarity Mod, Ultimate 80's
Mod, Ultimate 80's Mod +, SS Mod, Nick Mod, Ultimate Plexi Mod, X-Treme Metal
Mod, 69 Mod, JFD-100, FH-100, and Dirty Sanchez Mod are all trademarks of FJA
Mods. These are only available from Jerry Pinnelli at FJA Mods.

Use of these names in auction listings for
items not modified or built by FJA Mods is a violation of my intellectual
property rights and I will have these items removed by Ebay. I watch Ebay
listing daily.

Use of these names to sell used items that
have been built or modified by FJA Mods is allowed as long as proof they are
authentic can be


FJA Mods About Me:

FJA Mods is a company which builds custom
tube amplifiers and effects. FJA Mods also offers custom modifications for tube
amps and effects and has been doing so as FJA Mods since 2002. Jerry Pinnelli
the owner of FJA Mods has been modifying and repairing tubes amps since 1990.


Tube amp mods, un-modding hacked mods done elsewhere, restoration, and general repairs.
Custom pedals, pedal mods, and pedal repairs as well as guitar repair and modification.
Custom work available.

Located in
Syracuse, NY (inside Subcat Studios)
11am-6pm Mon-Fri

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