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Ford Motor Company is a global automotive industry leader manufacturing and distributing vehicles in 200 markets across 6 continents.




Ford Motor Company ("Ford") owns valuable intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark rights.

There are many trade marks that are registered to Ford, including but not limited to marks such as;

FORD; Ford in script in Oval Logo; vehicle names and identifiers such as Fiesta,Focus, Mondeo, ST170, Zetec, ST, TDCi and parts trade marks such as MOTORCRAFT. Various publicly available websites exist in relation to registered trade marks, including the site of the Patent Office in the



These registered trade marks give Ford Motor Company, its associated groups and its authorized licensees the sole and exclusive right to use the trade marks in relation to the goods and/or services for which they are registered. Ford's trade marks often also have sufficient fame to give Ford rights to prevent their use in fields beyond the goods and services for which the trade marks are registered.  


It is an offence under applicable civil and criminal law for an unauthorised reproduction or application of a registered trade mark. For example, adding the Ford in script in Logo to an item make the item counterfeit and also infringes on Ford Motor Company's rights in relation to trade mark.


Ford Motor Company has an active Brand Protection team whom, amongst other things, police the use of our trade marks. This includes monitoring the internet and auction sites to ensure that these trade marks are not being used without our authority.


Unauthorized use of our trade marks subjects the offender to legal action by Ford and/or the criminal authorities. Additionally, you should be aware that such activity is prohibited by eBay (Refer to 6.2 of eBay's user agreement) and will result in your auctions being cancelled and your user account being suspended or terminated.


In the UK if your listings are reported to eBay for Trade Mark or Copyright infringement, you may be contacted by Ford's external legal team Rouse Legal, (

Rouse Legal have the authority to act on behalf of Ford Motor Company.

In other European Countries Ford use various lawyers co-oridinated by Rouse Legal.

Questions of legal letter authenticity can be directed to Ford at


 If you have any further queries please direct them to the appropriate Ford Brand Protection teams at either:

                  (UK & Europe Only) NOT available for US & Rest of World

or (US & Rest of World) NOT available for UK or Europe



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