Foscam Intelligent Technology co., Ltd

    FOSCAM  as a high-tech company founded in Dec. 2002, is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in security and surveillance products in China. Our main product range covers Network/IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders.
    To protect our customers, dealers, and distributors, FOSCAM monitors Ebay and the Internet for our trademark name “FOSCAM” , we wish to ensure that customers will receive only authorized and licensed FOSCAM products sold by FOSCAM authorized dealers and distributors who have invested time and money in promoting and servicing FOSCAM products.
    We also monitor Ebay for the illegal use of our images in auctions. Use of our images is restricted on Ebay only to FOSCAM authorized Ebay sellers.
    If you received an email about your auction, or your auction was removed by the Ebay VeRO (Verified Rights Owners) program, your auction violated one of the following most common trademark or distribution infringements:

1.Image used in auction isn't copyright by FOSCAM.
2.Item is not a FOSCAM product but has FOSCAM logo or name. This includes auctions, which specify that the non-FOSCAM item “fits FOSCAM …” in the title of the auctions.
3.Item is not a FOSCAM product but has the FOSCAM trademark in the description and/or title of the auction. This includes auctions using qualifiers such as “not”, “like”, “style”, etc.

4.Item is offered as new by a seller, but the seller is not an authorized FOSCAM dealer.