EVERYONE LOVES DINOSAURS! At Fossil Reproductions our goal is to offer quality fossil replicas and casts that are affordable, artistically pleasing, scientifically accurate, and educational. Our products have been enjoyed by the individual collector and enthusiast and used in the class room to give a hands-on experience for children and adults. Our scale model sculptures are based on careful study of the original fossils and scientific publications on the specimens. Great care is taken to faithfully render the shape, proportions, and details of the original fossil. Because many different minerals may be involved in the fossilization process, the bones from different quarries may have distinctive colors. Both our sculptures and casts are individually hand-painted to accurately match the color of the original. With our emphasis on education, each sculpture comes with a pamphlet about the specific specimen sculpted, general information about the fossil group which it belongs to, and a recommended reading for those who want to learn more. The sculptures can be seen on our website at We are located in the heart of Utah�s Dinosaur Land, near Dinosaur National Monument. This part of the United States is one of the greatest dinosaur fossil hunting grounds in the world. Many spectacular fossil specimens from this region are in the exhibits or the collections of museums and other research institutions. Although we can all enjoy those museum specimens, we can�t own them. You�ll never own a complete brontosaur skeleton unless you are very rich and have a very big living room. Our sculptures and replicas bridge the gap between the museum and the individual, allowing you to own a piece of the past. Heck, we even supply a brontosaur skeleton that fits on your desk!




COPYRIGHT ISSUES Unauthorized Duplication While everyone loves dinosaurs, a few sellers have make unauthorized copies of our sculptures and we have had to take action against them. These unauthorized copies are of poor quality, inferior materials, poorly and sloppily painted, and without any educational information. Don't settle for a poor copy of the our beautiful sculptures � such lousy duplicates are a waste of your money and an insult to our scupltors and artists. Fossil Reproductions is a member of eBay�s VeRO program. We strictly enforce our intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks against unauthorized use. The copyright is retained by each individual artist and is not transferred with purchase. Our distinctive original sculptures and item descriptions on our website and in our catalogs as well as all our educational materials are protected by copyright and not available for