Gaiam, Inc.

Gaiam is a member of the eBay VeRo Program. Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, Live the life of intention you've always envisioned, with the help of Gaiam, a company dedicated to those who respect the environment and their personal wellbeing since 1988. Founded to make a difference in the world by educating people about lifestyle choices that affect personal development, wellness and environmental responsibility, Gaiam brings you a variety of products from wellness to fitness and personal comfort so you can choose a lifestyle that is healthy and life enhancing for you, your family and the earth. Discover products that promote healthy living, fitness and overall wellness. We are committed to protecting our copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property against unauthorized use. Our name, logo and the photographic images, size charts and item descriptions that appear on our website, on our eBay store, and in our catalogs are protected by state, federal and international laws and may not be used without our permission. The Gaiam Loss Prevention Department periodically monitors the Internet, including auction sites. If an infringement of our copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary rights is identified on eBay, we will notify eBay and request that the auction be cancelled. The seller will be notified with our contact information.

Gaiam,, Simple Choices Make a Difference, Gaiam Living, Gaiam Harmony, BalanceBall, The Firm, and all derivations of these marks are trademarks owned by Gaiam, Inc.

Genuine, first quality Gaiam brand merchandise is available for sale only through Gaiam catalog, our direct Internet site located at, the Gaiam_com ebay store and through our authorized resellers.

Additionally, the sale of stolen property is strictly forbidden on eBay and violates state, federal and international laws.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why was my auction suspended?

A: Gaiam strictly enforces its copyrights, trademark rights and other proprietary rights against unauthorized use. We believe that your listings on eBay for Gaiam merchandise infringes upon our rights. Therefore, we request the eBay remove your listings.

Q: Why hasn't Gaiam suspended all auctions selling infringing merchandise?

A: Gaiam vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights. The fact that others may be selling merchandise that infringes upon these rights does not give others the right to do so, nor does it prevent Gaiam from ending auctions that are later identified. If you would like to report an auction that you believe violates Gaiam’s rights and has not been suspended, please send the information along with the seller's name to us at

Q: I reported an infringement. Can you tell me what happened?

A: Gaiam treats each situation confidentially and does not report back to third parties.

Q: Why didn't Gaiam contact me directly before reporting my listings to eBay?

A: The number of listings that are investigated on a daily basis does not allow the time to contact each seller.

Q: If I purchase a legitimate copy of one DVD from an authorized retailer, can I re-sell that single copy on eBay?

A: It is legal to re-sell the single authorized videocassette that you purchased. But, be careful - you cannot make copies of authorized videocassettes and sell them.

Q: Can I use the Gaiam, Inc. logo, the "The FIRM®" logo, or other logos or properties owned by Gaiam to spice up my auction listing?

A: No. Use of these logos on your auction wrongfully implies that your auction is authorized, sponsored or approved by Gaiam, and dilutes the value of these logos, in violation of state and federal trademark laws.