Garry Winogrand Photography


If you attempt to use a copyrighted Garry Winogrand image (all Garry Winogrand images are copyrighted, and all rights to Garry Winogrand images are held by the Estate) without permission, or you attempt to sell an unlawful copy of a Garry Winogrand image, I (Eileen Hale) will contact you and ask you to take down the auction that is in violation of the Estate's copyright. If you do not voluntarily take it down, then I will contact eBay and ask them to take it down, and eBay will cancel the auction.


The Estate does not permit the sale of press prints or press slides. Press prints and slides were produced by a museum or gallery with the express and exclusive purpose of use in publicity for a show or book, were to be returned to the museum or gallery, and were not to be retained by the magazine or newspaper; they were NEVER permitted to be sold.


A signed Garry Winogrand print is a print that was signed by Winogrand. A print with the signature of the subject is an autographed print, not a signed print. There are also prints that have been stamped with a validating stamp, and signed by me; some of these also have the Estate stamp on them. These should be called "stamped prints," not "signed prints," but they are valid prints and may be sold.


Unauthorized posters or posters reprinted without permission are prohibited.


If you have any questions about other aspects of the Estate's policy, not covered here, please contact me at


The Estate of Garry Winogrand is managed by myself: Eileen Adele Hale, Executor.