The Grand Chapter of
Phi Sigma Kappa, Inc.

[Phi Sigma Kappa]

2925 E 96th Street

Indianapolis, IN  46240

(317) 573-5420

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Ebay VeRO Contact: Michael Carey, Executive Director

Phi Sigma Kappa is a national men's social
fraternity with over 80 chapters and colonies throughout the United
States and is headquartered in Indianapolis.  Phi Sigma Kappa was
founded in 1873 on the campus of Massachusetts Agricultural College,
today known as the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  In
1985, Phi Sigma Kappa merged with Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity,
strengthening its membership and increasing its numbers and presence

The Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, Inc. is
the owner of various trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office.  These marks include:

1) The Phi Sigma Kappa Crest (post-1985)*

2) The Phi Sigma Kappa Crest (pre-1985)*

3) The Phi Sigma Epsilon Coat of Arms*

4) "Phi Sigma Kappa"

5) "

6) The Phi Sigma Kappa Flag

7) The Phi Sigma Epsilon Flag

* Examples are displayed at

Phi Sigma Kappa maintains non-exclusive
licensing agreements with a number of authorized vendors and
manufacturers.  The ability to manufacture, advertise, and sell
items bearing the trademarks of Phi Sigma Kappa are limited to these
licensed and authorized parties.  In order to protect the interests
of Phi Sigma Kappa and its licensees, items listed on Ebay that are not
manufactured by a licensee of Phi Sigma Kappa will be reported to the
VeRO program.  If you have had an item removed from Ebay that you
believe has been manufactured by a Phi Sigma Kappa licensee and/or you
would like further information on becoming a licensed manufacturer or
authorized vendor of Phi Sigma Kappa products, please contact us.

The following manufacturers have been licensed by Phi Sigma Kappa:

Spirit Recognition, Pawtucket, RI

Burr, Patterson, & Auld, Elwood, IN

PodDizzle, Fairfax, VA

The Ancient Greek, Winter Haven, FL

Osbourne Coinage Co, Cincinnati, OH

L Myers & Associates, Harrisburg, PA

Baby Greek Inc., Mason, OH