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Welcome to the TARZAN, JANE and JOHN CARTER Informational Page

There are many TARZAN, TARZAN and JANE, and JOHN CARTER OF MARS items for sale on eBay. These are being offered for sale by private individuals, not by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC or any of our licensees. We are not responsible for the business practices of these individuals. We do, however, hope that you have a pleasant sales experience.


TARZAN, TARZAN and JANE, and JOHN CARTER of MARS are some of the most famous trademarks in the world. To protect our property, we are a member of the VeRo program and periodically police eBay auctions. If there is a violation or an infringement of our subsisting copyrights and/or our well-known trademarks or other intellectual property rights, we will cancel the auction. Most auctions are cancelled because the name(s) of TARZAN, TARZAN and JANE or JOHN CARTER of MARS were used to describe goods which are not made by our authorized licensees. If your auction is cancelled, the notice will provide our contact information. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in helping us to protect our trademarks and copyrights.